Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Texas: If at first, it won't secede -

Have you noticed the secessionist  jag that's going on in Texas and  30 other states by people who are so unhappy about Tuesday's election that they want to take their ballot and ball and go home from America?  It's one way to try to work off a loser's frustration, but it is a fool's errand among the heated sagebrush and sandy plains deep in the heart of.

Having once been cruelly stationed in Texas for six weeks by the Air Force with only two sweaty fatigues,  I concede that more than once I asked why we didn't give up the place to Santa Anna at the Alamo forever and get on with the work of building the rest of the nation that was free of red dust and 10-gallon hats.

But there are reasons why secession is a maddening trajectory for the Lone Star State, even if more than 80,000 spoilsports have reportedly  signed petitions.

It might  occur the very same year that the  Houston Texans could finally wind up in the Super Bowl.   In an independent Texas,  the team would be denied any chance of playing in the NFL.

George W. Bush would not have been able to seek the presidency and win - twice. In those instances,  secession would have been a plus for the other 49 states.

Just last week, the state was honored when Texas A&M knocked off Alabama, thought to be America's preeminent college football team.   The Aggies would not have had that opportunity  had they been a foreign team.

Finally, the Dallas Cowboys could no longer be designated as "America's Team".  Secessionists, that's giving up too much of the state's ego to satisfy your revolutionary plans.  Take several deep breaths, have a cookout at the Alamo,  and then think it over some more.



Mencken said...

Gov. Rick Perry has filed for Federal Disaster assistance more than a dozen times, or more than any other state.

JLM said...

This illustrates how astoundingly stupid and childish some Americans are. Embarrasingly so.

Rick Perry is a rube.