Thursday, November 1, 2012

Some of the sewage stapled to anti-EPA trash

Crowded in the deluge of political emails and flyers that I've received was one that had an unusual symbiotic twist.  Stapled to a door-hanger attacking Sen. Sherrod Brown for supporting EPA regulations, courtesy of Dick Armey's right-wing  FreedomWorks, waa a more modestly produced assault on Brown that declared his EPA positions will raise the cost of sewer upgrades in Akron hundreds of  millions of dollars of taxpayers money. Since there are no precise figures for the costs over a 15-year period, we are reluctant  to reveal this handout's figure.

The stapled attachment was created by an outfit named the Summit County Citizens for Sewer Reform - and if you have the time to track down the sponsors, more power to you.   It's pure anti-Brown, anti-EPA political sewage referring to the issue of sewer  discharges into the city's system.  Interesting how Brown and other Democrats  are named as the sole perps in this saga.

As has been reported  often, there have been agreements between the Federal and State EPAs that seemed close enough to a solution to move on with the project, only to be rejected by Federal Judge John Adams, a Bush appointee who continues to insist that the work be concluded much sooner.   The long delays following his two rejections of the plan have naturally extended the period of completion.

The issue is back in Adams' court with all concerned waiting for a  consent decree by Adams.

Not that  it means  anything to  the anti-EPA crowd that in the same breath  mentions the good side   as Mitt Romney, Josh Mandel, Jim Renacci and Marsha Agana.

Think there's some political hatchets at work here?.

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