Sunday, November 4, 2012

Republican Rick Scott hacks the vote in Florida's hot sun

My question of the day: What the hell is Florida Gov. Rick Scott, one of the GOP's certified hacks, doing in a photo with the American flag?  They are mutually exclusive.  The flag is intended to signify the noble American spirit.  Scott signifies  that he is only one of the GOP's certified hacks.

He revived that title again this election season  with his directives  to shorten the hours of early voting in his state.  It led to lines at the polls that caused delays (in the Sunshine State)  of three to four hours - and longer.

But he doubtless was tutored by his  fellow-Republican vote shrinker, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, who repeatedly defended his shameless action  by declaring it to be "fair" and "honest".
So what has Scott had to say under the barrage of criticism that he is hacking the election in Florida?

'"I'm focussed on making sure that we have fair, honest elections," the Washington Post quoted Scott, who had an approval rating in the state of 39 pct. - even before he set out to shutter the election for his side.

Oh, another thing, now that Scott has got me started:  The cars of some of those who stood in line for hours were towed away.

This is how they do it in those countries that we say we hate.

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Mark said...

Where is the outrage?!?