Friday, November 16, 2012

Columbus Dispatch to GOP: Lay off Planned Parenthood

Just a thought:  We're happy to report that the backlash against the GOP's fixation on right-wing social issues reached a new level in today's Columbus Dispatch.  The conservative paper, which endorsed Mitt Romney, began an editorial with the following assertion:
"Ohio lawmakers have no valid reason to steer Medicaid funding away from Planned Parenthood."  
Yep.  You read it right.  But read on.  It gets better later in the editorial:
"Ohioans want lawmakers to focus on restoring the state's economy and managing its budget wisely, yet Republican lawmakers persist in pushing divisive measures that pander to a minority  in the party's  base of support." 
The "Big D", as the Dispatch  has often been called as it rises across the street from the Statehouse,  is reacting, of course, to the Republican dominated House Health and Aging Committee's vote to deliver a proposed law to the House floor that would "reprioritize" the use of federal funds for  family planning  services in the state as a way to  curb  abortions.

One other incisive observation in the editorial:
"Beyond all of the ideological posturing, another fact remains:  Better access to contraception, including that provided by Planned Parenthood is the surest way to prevent abortions."
The editorial didn't got so far as to describe the GOP lawmakers as morons.  I will.

P.S. The results of the presidential election  has already forced some Republicans to reflect on their own wayward path.  Might the Dispatch now be thinking about the possible  damage that the right-wing antics might inflict on their friend, Gov. Kasich, when he seeks reelection?  Just a thought, folks.

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