Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tressel tackled in the backfield at UA

The epic search to replace retiring President Luis Proenza  at the University of Akron ended Thursday with the Board of Trustees' announcement that it had chosen Scott Scarborough, the University of Toledo provost,  to fill the job. That ended volumes of speculation that Jim Tressel, UA's controversial  executive vice president,   would be named.  Scarborough and Tressel were among the three finalists, although the former OSU football coach had also applied for the presidency at Youngstown State University.

What a relief!  It appeared throughout the hunt that Tressel was in the mix without a doctorate and with OSU baggage simply because , among other things, he was a "motivator".    But  in the final week, there was so much speculation over the long exercise, I was prepared to recomend that the two schools be hauled onto the court for a jump ball.

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