Wednesday, May 14, 2014

So long, Mike.. We hardly got to know you this time

Nothing captures  the sorrowful history of Cleveland's professional sports teams than the latest firing of Cavaliers coach Mike Brown.  We say "latest" because the same owner of the same team fired the same Brown once before, thereby affirming my opinion that in Cleveland, there are a lot more moving parts in the upper levels of the food chain than there are in the starting lineups.

To begin our brief narrative that splashed across all of the papers, owner Dan Gilbert fired Brown in 2010 after the latter had coached five winning seasons.

Gilbert then hired Bryon Scott for a year before firing him.

He then re-hired Brown,saying the first ouster was a mistake. He is now paying the remainder of fat contracts with two coaches while hunting for a third.

In nine years, as it has been noted in the annals more than once, Gilbert has now gone through three general managers and four coaches in the nine years that he has been the owner.

Although the cheerless Indians and Browns have yet to fire and  rehire a manager or coach,  they have led the fans through a dizzying succession of field boss-lings  and quarterbacks.  A complete set of sports trading cards with their names might bring some money on Ebay.

Meantime, somebody said they saw a person who looked exactly like Mike Brown, with millions left to be paid in his contract, laughing all the way to the bank.

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