Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mercifully, NFL draft day is upon us

We thought the day would never arrive.  The first day of the NFL draft, that is.  After an eternity of speculation and rumors by the self-appointed experts, America will pause for a glimpse of the college  grid stars who will be anxiously awaiting to learn whether they will cash in on a handsome professional life as the picks of the herd.

Virtually every day leading up to the big day, we have witnessed the advisories from the sports analysts telling the teams' front office scouts and coaches who they have to draft in order to win - as if the scouts and coaches haven't already figured out their shopping list.  And every day the winds change direction.

You can't  take this stuff seriously.   The guy you think about drafting may be long gone by the time your turn arrives.  And even if you  get Mr. Wonderful,  there's no guarantee that he will be Mr. Wonderful. He might turn out to be a dud, or on the disabled list for a year. Teams  like the Cleveland Browns have been drafting highly-touted Mr. Wonderfuls for ages only to finish with another dismal season.

There could be a game-changer for the Browns'  narrative this year.  Name: Johnny Manziel, a quarterback and pre-draft legend  guaranteed  to solve  the quarterback problems on the lake.

But wait!  Terry Pluto told us in the Plain Dealer today that it would be wise for the Browns to avoid  the legend.  That's as far as I usually get in the cascading pre-draft expertise.

To which we can only say, "Holy Colt McCoy!"  Or am I thinking of Brady Quinn, Charlie Frye, and what's-his-name who once bestirred the fans to pre-season delirium?

The draft will be over in three days in case you have other plans on hold.

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