Saturday, May 10, 2014

Be happy that the big carved Indian didn't go anywhere..

It's been a busy week of comings and goings around here.  Despite being groomed for the University of Akron  job, Jim Tressel  is headed to Youngstown State University,  and University of Toledo provost Scott Scarborough is coming to UA. Then, in case you strangely missed it, a young man roaringly celebrated  as Johnny Football, a.k.a, Manziel, was grabbed by the Browns to rise to the heights of a franchise quarterback beginning with pre-season ticket and T-shirt sales.

Virtually unnoticed in the area media has been the frenzied uprising by  GOP House members with certificates of excellence from the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts.  That may include at least half of the Republican  reps who want a seat on Speaker John Boehner's Select House (kangaroo) committee to damn well get to the bottom of Benghazi by the next presidential election.  There's probably no  group on Capitol Hill more qualified  to investigate the ad hoc scandal than this fishy gang of bottom feeders.

Also  going away were six more Beacon Journal staffers who accepted buyouts, including Jim Carney, Jewell Cardwell and Dave Scott. That reduced the size of the staff, reported the BJ Retirees blog,  to 30 pct. of what it was in 1991.

 And coming to Akron was Rick Santorum to sell his books and non-existent presidential credentials to an Ohio Christian Alliance lunch crowd.  But I think I already mentioned that earlier, didn't I?

Gone, too, for at least a year is Browns' star wide receiver Josh Gordon, who was suspended for drug violations.  The Browns couldn't even get through 24 hours of Manziel madness without a  cloudburst on their parade.  You have to wonder what they ever did to offend the gods.

That left the big carved Indian on West Market Street as the only  figure of interest in place.



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