Friday, May 9, 2014

And he was the 22nd pick!

As Chris Matthews would wonder..."Your thoughts?"  ( Fortunately there was no start of WWIII to compete with it.)


Anonymous said...

I can see why the Browns have not had any success--their drafts are terrible. They trade up--passing a chance to get an impact player in Sammy Watkins--then pick a cornerback who's fast but can't tackle. Then the coup de gras-after 21 teams pass on Johhny Boy, they pick a 207 lb QB. All I can say is he better be fast or one of these 300 lb defensive lineman will bury him. Haslam dictated this choice to sell tickets. My son said they sold 1,300 season tickets already.

Ed said...
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Anonymous said...

They gotta save SOMETHING for the second coming.