Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A way to survive education budget cuts

THE HEADLINE IN the Plain Dealer gave us more sad news about public education. It said:

City schools to cut 500 teachers, shorten day, eliminate classes

It's becoming an old story everywhere, as states severely cut back funds for public education.
As I've mentioned before, education is no longer a priority for the budget hawks, including those in Ohio.

I have a remedy.

Let's split up the students alphabetically. Everybody with a last name beginning from A to M can go to class for a half year; from N to Z, the remaining half year. The only criterion would be that the split would not interrupt the school's football season.

Such a plan would cut class size in half, reduce the number of teachers accordingly and dramatically shorten the lines at the school cafeteria.

Do you think this would work until we can come up with a plan to eliminate students and teachers altogether? Desperate times call for desperate solutions. Mention it to your state legislator and tell him or her that I sent you. Meantime, isn't there anything in the
Constitution that requires every politician to take an IQ test before they can file for office?

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