Thursday, April 5, 2012

Romney: The risks for GOP's last man standing

NOW THAT EVERYBODY except McRick Santorum and possibly a few diehard members of the hyper-religious Family Research Council have eliminated him as a presidential contender, the posse galloping after Barack Obama has now been reduced to a single rider: McMitt Romney. He is, of course, told-you-so joyous about this, hyperventilating more each day as he goes about his business of trying to convince the voters that it's past time to return a Republican to the Oval Office. That's a particularly shaky notion since many folks - including Republicans who dare not mention the name - have tried to forget the last Republican who enjoyed an Easter Egg hunt on the White House lawn.

But with Santorum's absence as a serious talking point for the TV news shows, there are new risks for Romney as the last man standing in the GOP field. (Please. Gingrich and Paul were never contenders.) He will now have the whole show, and the searchlights will illuminate still more his weird pursuit of greatness. It has quickly begun with, say, his unqualified endorsement of the Paul Ryan budget, a reclamation project that has already failed once. Even the right-of-center Economist Magazine described it as "unworkable". And should I mention that liberal Nobelist economist Paul Krugman calls it the "most fraudulent" budget in history?

It will now be left to Romney tell us , day after day, why it it isn't.

And will he explain to the 99 percenters why, as a "regular" guy in the midst of a presidential campaign , he is engaged in a multimillion dollar renovation of his California beachfront home to include a four-car elevator? That revelation did help distract the national media's gasping dog-on-the-car roof story.

If I were a Romney advisor, I would urge him to negotiate with Santorum to hang around quite visibly until the GOP convention. Santorum insists that's his plan anyway. But it's purely a symbolic presence that isn't going to intrude on Romney's lonely path in the months ahead.

Come to think of it: Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann might be helpful returnees to the trail, too. An Etch a Sketch will not do much when he's out there alone.


JLM said...

So two years ago they were all saying "It's gonna be Romney". Why was the circus necessary?

But then...

we'd have missed all the madcap, zany misadventures!

In my book, it was worth it.

David Hess said...

The Ryan Budget, which Gov. Romney endorsed with alacrity and uncritical acclaim, is not simply "uworkable," as several serious economists and commentators have noted, it is an anti-social screed dressed up in fantastical numbers that would (1) spread the widening gap between the economic classes, (2) further enrich the super-wealthy by granting them larger tax breaks, (3) transform Medicare over time into a virtual privatized health-care system, (4) and extend the growing federal debt load over another generation. Not to mention the beggaring or dismantling of federal programs to educate the poor and working classes, shifting the burden of Medicare to states that are already staggering under the costs, smothering environmental protections and preservation of wildlands, and muting the regulation of the financial services industry whose free-booting brought the economy to its knees. In short, it would be Bush Redux with a vengeance. Jeez, don't get me started on this topic.