Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kasich & Romney: Now joined at the lip

I see that Gov. Kasich has stepped forward to endorse McMitt Romney, joining the tattered Republican establishment's half-hearted rescue mission for a candidate who will need more than millions of pennies from heaven to win in November.

What do these exercises in Day-Glo politics mean, after all? Not much, for either party.
I've always considered them as ephemeral efforts that fall into the category of here-today-gone-tomorrow collegiality , even for a guy like Kasich, who I'm sure has more than once thought of a spot on the national ticket.

Again, as Team Romney's enablers step forward they repeat the authorized version of conservative politics, asserting that they are the sole protectors of the job creators in America. Even Cuyahoga Falls Mayor Don Robart loudly asserted to Sunday's Tea Party outing that President Obama is so witless that he wants to tax the job creators

Lt. Gov, Mary Taylor, who has been off in the wings in case something better turns up, also endorsed Romney, accusing Democrats of being ...must I to say it?... "tax and spend" operatives even though that old rubbery phrase doesn't hit the road. A few Republicans (Sen. Orrin Hatch for one) would disagree, arguing that under George W. Bush, the party preferred to spend without taxing .

OK, with the formality of governor's endorsement out of the way, we can all relax since the suspense was killing us. And maybe Kasich will now be able to get back to doing something he ought to be doing for the army of school teachers who are being laid off in Buckeyeland. Can we really call that job creation?

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PJJinOregon said...

The GOP campaign story has been the same since Reagan. Cut taxes, deregulate everything, privatize everything, and raise the budget of the DOD so can start another war. The GOP will never be accused of originality. They're boring.