Monday, April 30, 2012

Stranger-than fiction campaign dumbly moves on

AFTER A RELAXING Sunday afternoon family cookout, I've now  found my way back to the big shovel in the garage to report on the stranger-than-fiction presidential campaign.   These items fall into the category of, the more things  stay the same, the more they stay the same.

We can always count on John Boehner to give us a lift by continually saying things that are grimly foolish.   For example, without tearing up, Boehner  asserted that he fully expected Romney to win because he is a proven success and the voters don't like losers.  Was he thinking about President Obama as the loser who isn't worth a couple of hundred million dollars because his father, well...blah, blah, blah? As he put it:
"The American people don't want to vote for a loser.  They don't want to vote for someone that hasn't been successful.   I think Mitt Romney  has an opportunity to show the American people that they, too, can succeed." (As we've previously noted, there isn't a million or two difference between Dubya and Romney. )
At what point will Romney''s Midas card be shelved?

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Here's another  in championship political style:

Romney advisor  Hank Brown predicted  that his man can win the youth vote because...because..because at 65, Mitt is "younger'" and "more dynamic"than John McCain was in 2008.   He said what???  Pause, while I get another shovel.

(In the inspirational words of our former president: "Brownie, you are doing a heck of a job.")

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It was good to read this paragraph from Economist magazine's report on the NRA's recent convention in St.Louis:
"The [NRA's] future does not look bright , either.  Despite attempts to attract women, most convention-goers in St.Louis were  white men over the age of 40 - a segment of the population in decline. The classified sections in NRA magazines such as American Rifleman feature, besides all the weaponry, advertisements for gardening equipment and Viagra."
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Finally, what's with  the big stink from Republicans over President Obama's references to Osama Bin Laden?  And Romney's laughing remark that even Jimmy Carter would have acted in the same manner. Good grief, once again history has been trashed.   Obama, all authoritative accounts have since reported, was warned by some of his top advisors that it was a high-risk deal that could ruin him if it went awry.  And wasn't it the very same Romney who urged college students to take risks if they wanted to succeed in the post-collegiate world?  It's an opportunity that Obama can't replicate because the carrier is now headed for the Bush Library.  


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