Tuesday, December 27, 2011

PD PolitiFact: Two Ohio lawmakers slammed

ON TWO CONSECUTIVE DAYS, the Plain Dealer nailed the top two Ohio Republican lawmakers for lies. On Monday, Aaron Marshall, in the PD's PolitiFact column, cited House Speaker William Batchelder for a hokey story about a Canadian provincial prime minister who sought medical aid in Ohio because his treatment in Canada was so slow that it would have endangered his life. After an intensive investigation of Bacthelder's claim, PolitiFact rated it "Pants on Fire." There is obvious method to Batchelder's madness inasmuch as Ohio's Republican leaders, from Gov. Kasich down, have made the new health care reform law a primary target for their attacks on President Obama in 2012.

Today, PolitiFact looked into the charge by Ohio Senate President Tom Niehaus that Senate Bill 5's protestors deficated in the Statehouse.

The PD's Reginald Fields writes:
"As Senate President, Niehaus is one of the most influential people in the state government and when he speaks people listen. Yet his claim is beyond inaccurate. It's a ridiculous assertion that is unsupported by people who actually take care of the Statehouse."
Fields' rates Niehaus's claim: "Pants on Fire."

Oh, my! With all of the crap already flying around the legislature these days, you'd think that Niehaus would have found a different image to make his imagined point.


ChrisChristieFan84 said...

Regardless of the facts of this particular case, there are still generally longer wait times for medical services in Canada than there are in the United States. To deny that is to simply deny reality.

Mark said...

Don't confuse me with the facts, Abe. It's more fun to believe the lies that conform to my political opinions.

Anonymous said...

Abe: To set the record straight, those two articles were excerpts from articles that had run earlier in the year. So it would have been more accurate to have stated: "On two consecutive days, the Plain Dealer RE-NAILED the top two Ohio Republican lawmakers for lies."

Mencken said...

Since the Canadian government pays far less than the American government does on health care, I would think the Chris Christies of the world would be touting the Canadian med system as the way to go.

"Regardless of the facts"..... man that was priceless. A window into your soul.

Grumpy Abe said...

Wait times, Christ? Have you tried to schedule an appointment with a specialist lately?

David Hess said...

If there has been any feces flying in Ohio the past few months, it's the Republicans' forlorn assault on the working people of the state.