Saturday, December 17, 2011

The GOP vendetta against Obama

IT'S REALLY TOO BAD that the most nonsensical presidential race in modern times isn't a Scrabble game. All of the GOP candidates could be tossed back into the pile and be replaced with a new lineup of tiles. Isn't that what we're hearing from polls showing that 70 pct. of Americans want the marathon to end quickly. Enough already.

That won't happen, of course. As front-runners come and go, there are still a few hanging around for their turns to be given first-class invitations to the TV talk shows.

Frankly, I haven't learned much from the serial debates, other than they continue to be driven by a long-standing, and frequently ugly, singular mission to dump President Obama. It began the moment he entered the office and was clearly expressed by Sen. Mitch McConnell, the party's imaginary Solomon who declared that his major mission was to defeat Obama four years hence. In the meantime, the business of government would have to wait as leading Republicans said the party would now be defined by what it opposed.

Traditional party rivalry has morphed into a vendetta. Think of it: a mere black Democrat defeated a Republican war hero! Obama's humiliated enemies could not process their historic loss. Still can't. Race became a conditioning factor the next three years, although the GOP found other ways to express its hostility that went well beyond the usual boundaries of party differences. So Obama's birthplace was loudly whipped around the news channels. As a likely Kenyan (Read: race) it was argued, he hated white Americans - thank you Rush Limbaugh, Trump et al. The vendetta only increased caustic words on the president's patriotism, honor and legitimacy.

Shameful. But a shameless GOP has lost any pretense of honor.. We're not watching a presidential race. We are watching a non-stop vendetta. Racism, by any other name, is still racism.

P.S. Latest from Mitt Romney: "I would be the ideal Tea Party candidate". (On the Pandering Scale of 10, that would get at least a 9. Not even the Tea Partyers believe him.)

And how about Michele wanting to get rid of 80 pct. of government? On Capitol Hill alone, that would eliminate 80 senate seats and 348 representatives. Maybe we could start in her Minnesota district.

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David Hess said...

It is hard to cut through the mealy-mouthed rhetoric that defines the occult objectives of the GOP nay-sayers, who profess publicly to object to the President on grounds that he is a would-be socialist intent on dealing death to capitalism while adroitly reminding the masses that Obama is of African descent. In the cloakrooms and private fund-raisers, the racial undertone is palpable, particularly in the Southern Strategy precincts exploited initially by Richard Nixon. It is manifested, too, in the voter suppression campaigns in heavily Democratic areas of the North -- and in the anti-immigrant policy prescriptions aimed chiefly at Spanish-speakers. Black or Brown, one needn't apply for membership in the Republican rank-and-file. Unless, of course, you vocally pronounce your adherence to Randian principles and opposition against the need for government to arbitrate the social and economic inequities between working folks and the financial elite. Then you can run and hold public office and become emblems of the party's narrowly "open door."