Friday, December 30, 2011

Mitt's jobs program for young people

WILDEST PROMISE BY any candidate in the race to oblivion called the Iowa Republican Caucuses:

Mitt Romney's reassuring words to a group of college students that their future would be so much brighter if he were elected. It went this way:

"What I can promise you is this --when you get out of college, if I'm president you'll have a job. If President Obama is reelected, you will not be able to get a job."

That earns Mitt the Grumpy Abe Linguistic Lunacy (GALL) award. If college students fall for this line, they need to go back to school for a refresher course on political hyperbole.


JLM said...

And the only ability you'll need is to ask-

"Do you want fries with that?"

David Hess said...

To keep such a promise, Mitt either will have to reinstate the draft or provide civilian federal jobs for every college graduate who can't find a job elsewhere. But he's also vowed to reduce the federal workforce by the tens of thousands. Which is it, Mitt?