Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Donald Trump's debate exit: He still won...

ALTHOUGH THE poor advance reservations for his scheduled TV debate forced him to give up the idea, it would be fair to assume Donald Trump is already planning his next stunt to reinforce his triumphant claim that he is the most magnetic person in the world. And the smartest, too. Oh, and the richest.

Exhibitionists are like that. The less imaginative ones know only to take off their clothes and sprint across baseball diamonds before the TV cameras are turned away. Others always show up for the next pizza-eating contest. Trump is way ahead of them. He dangles an idea like moderating a TV presidential debate before the media and before you know it, it has solidified his image as a smug American original (Including the trademark sweep of his hair). So even if only two of the Republican candidates agreed to a sit-down with him as moderator, no matter that he was left with Beavis and Butt-Head.

A legend in his own mind, Trump came out of all of this in good shape for his next venture. He had again given a national audience a glimpse of his titanic importance to the presidential race as a few even kneeled to his counsel and wizardry. And he teasingly projected himself as a major political player who, if it came down to that, would run for president himself.

Didn't he insist that if the Republican nominee didn't meet with his approval he could become a candidate himself? Imagine that: a major political party fretting over whether The Donald would carry out his threat. Is there room to barter? Might the GOP offer him the keynote speech at the nominating convention? He's like that. Or as he would tell you, his speech would attract the biggest TV audience in history (I think he might have been relieved to cancel himself as the debate moderator, an event that he claimed would draw a record audience. Now we'll never know.)

Whatever. You can count on this much: Donald Trump will return in his role as the
Wizard of Oz. Otherwise he could not go on and on about his unchallenged superiority.

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