Wednesday, December 21, 2011

As the Tea Party goes, so goes (down) Boehner

OH FOR Santa's sake! Let's stop picking on John Boehner, the cipher who is otherwise known as the House Speaker. It isn't enough that he's lost control of the Tea Party- controlled House Republicans. Or that he has to contend with the persistent Cheshire cat smile of Eric Cantor, who figures to replace him. Or that he is being accused of being the grinch that stole Christmas from the middle class by bucking the two-month tax cut extension that most of the Republican senators supported. Or that he sobs a lot .

No. We now see the conservative Wall Street Journal accusing the House Republicans of "thoroughly botched politics" while fiendishly noting that President Obama is in a "stronger re-election position today than he was a year ago." As Seinfeld's Kramer would shudder, "Whoa,Mama". (Even John McCain said he fully agreed with WSJ)

Obviously it is taking a toll on Boehner. When Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer tried to forced an up-or-down voted on the tax cut extention, the C-SPAN live TV coverage was cut off, an obvious move by Boehner, who has control over the House TV cameras. The message: Boehner has not only lost control of the House, he's lost control of himself.


Marv Katz said...

Rachel Maddow tonight showed video of the acting Speaker walking off, while Steny Hoyer kept talking and critizing the walk-off. If Boehner had the camera switched off, he certainly was slow on the switch.

JLM said...

Recently heard a TV pundit refer to Eric Cantor as Iago to Boehner's Othello.

PJJinOregon said...

Rarely do I engage in schadenfreude; but this is one of those times. Watching the House GOP lose track of the ball, not to mention the score, has been delicious.

JLM - More importantly, who plays Desdemona to Boehner's Othello? Boehner has been publicly embarrassed. Will he laugh it off, cry (more), or seek vengeance?