Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ken Cuccinelli: some folks are more equal than others

That's Ken Cuccinelli in the photo. He is the attorney general of Virginia. He says strange things for a lawyer. He says, for example, that the Constitution doesn't protect gays. He says the 14th Amendment's equal protection clause doesn't apply. He says, "Frankly, the category of sexual orientation would never have been contemplated by the people who wrote and voted for and passed the 14th Amendment." It's also rumored that he understands the law. That's Ken Cuccinelli, a darling of the political right. He says a lot of strange things. I've tried to keep this message as simple as possible.


PJJinOregon said...

Cuccinelli may be running for Secretary of State at the Vatican where homophobic views predominate. And, after all, what's a mangled 14th amendment among friends? This same amendment was effectively smothered by the Old Dominion and other ex-Confederates from 1890 until 1964. Isn't it time to return to the practices of those earlier times?

Mencken said...

Yep, and they're all teary-eyed by the time they get to the "with liberty and justice for all" part as well.

That's not part of the Constitution? It's so confusing sometimes.