Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Either way, LeBron's decision won't be slam-dunk for city

WE WILL ALL know LeBron James' momentous decision soon enough after weeks of speculation, rumors and, quite frankly at times, gasping nonsense. Certainly his presence in Cleveland is of some temporary economic benefit to the city; how much, who really knows?. Still, a larger question for the once-great city: Is the live-or-die economic future of Cleveland now fully dependent on a decision by a young super-star athlete? Some of the hand-wringing would have you believe that. If true, even if LeBron decides to stay - and I hope he does - the city will still have a long way to go to balance its books and regain its stature as a thriving city. Whatever happens, LeBron will be nothing more than a bit player in resolving the city's entrenched social, economic and political problems that won't respond to a slam-dunk.

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