Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where were you the night of ...?.

YEARS FROM NOW you probably will be asked a question about a singular event of our generation and I'm here to prepare you:
"Where were you on the fateful evening in which we learned of what came to be known as THE DECISION?"
It's important to know these things as milestone prompters that pave our lives with historic stepping stones.

For example, I remember that as a kid I was playing checkers with my Uncle Jim in the living room when word came through that Pearl Harbor had been attacked.

I also remember staying with an aunt in Altoona when V-J Day was announced.

I recall that my new brother-in-law arrived to say that Notre Dame had beaten Pennsylvania 27-20 (I think!) on my wedding Day.

And I was reluctantly driving to work and listening to the car radio at the moment that Bill Mazeroski hit one over the wall to defeat the hated Yankees in the World Series.

We can all recite special moments like these even though we don't remember last night's dinner. And years hence, the subject is likely to come up:
What were YOU doing when LeBron James announced his momentous decision? (Eh...ESPN. 9 P.M.)
Were you avoiding your civic responsibility by watching Antiques Roadshow or CSI?

Were you beating the heat by hanging around in the frozen foods section of the supermarket?

Were you randomly pushing buttons to unlock your computer?

"Yes," you will be prepared to say, "I remember it well. It was the night that I couldn't get the damn mouse to move on my computer screen for more than an hour."

Your friends may have even a better story.





Anonymous said...

I know that my attitude might be considered blasphemous in the Akron/Northeast Ohio area, but I was sick of seeing young Mr. James' face on the front page of nearly every ABJ that I picked up from my front stoop back when he was in high school.
Frankly, my dear....

Grumpy Abe said...

Not blasphemous at all in this corner. Well said! How are the papers going to fill all of the empty space now?

PJJinOregon said...

There is nothing worse than a local news story with national implications. National news coverage is an insult to everyday intelligence. Local news coverage is an emetic. When both converge on the same story, I turn off the TV and burn the local paper in its plastic bag. Abe, you have my sympathy. But, guess what? IT'S OVER!

Mencken said...

Someone should ask Dan Gilbert about loyalty and cowardice when it came to his treatment of Mike Brown and Danny Ferry. What a friggin' hypocrite.

And yeah not exactly ESPN's finest hour.