Monday, July 12, 2010

A creative way to express one's LeBron dissent

FOOTNOTE: AN imaginative young man passed through the crowd at the Italian Festival downtown Sunday with his LeBron James jersey altered. He had removed the letters J, A and S from the name, leaving only "ME" above the big No. 23.


Anonymous said...

Abe, I wonder if you caught the photo that appeared on the online edition of the ABJ the morning after "The Decision"? Some clever person altered one of the large "HOME" billboards that were meant to entice The Chosen One to remain in Cleveland. In this case, the "ME" was removed leaving only the "HO".

Mencken said...

I suggest spiritually depleted Cavs fans cross out the
"H" and the "E" and ponder what's left: OM, a most
spiritual word meaning "What was, what is and what shall be".

If that doesn't work go get a dog.

ChrisChristieFan84 said...

Alot of people are raising the issue that taxes may have played a role in Lebron's decision to leave Cleveland. Namely, while Ohio has a rather punishing state and local tax burden, Florida actually has no state income tax. That difference could save Lebron literally millions of dollars over the course of his contract.

This is just further proof of the need to bring Ohio into the 21st century by reforming our disastrous fiscal policies. Just think, if John Kasich was Ohio governor and the state income tax was eliminated.......perhaps Lebron James might still be a Cavalier.

Grumpy Abe said...

Spoken like a true conservative sports fan! Since the income tax provides 40 pct. of the state's revenue, would you be happier if many of the state's services shut down so that you could watch LeBron do his thing? My, my. Sports pleasure over the needs of most people! Thanks for your continued curatives of the state's ills. And LeBron would thank you, too, although he doubtless would have gone to Florida if the income tax was twice that of Ohio's. .

Mencken said...

CCFAN84. Nice airball.

LeBron took $30 million LESS to go to Miami. Did you not know that.... or is it more likely, it just didn't suit your ridiculous argument?

Grumpy Abe said...

As long as we're on the subject, Florida's unemployment rate in May was 11.7 pct. To be fair, that was before the Heat created two new tax-free jobs for James and Bosh.