Friday, July 2, 2010

Boehner comes out aggressively against whining

(Second in a series)

That's a photo of Rep. John Boehner, an Ohio Republican and minority leader in the U.S. House. He says President Obama "whines" too much. He is a busy person and doesn't need to remind us that rather than whine, he suffered a total calamitous breakdown on TV when he trashed an imminent vote on health care. Boehner also told a conservative Pittsburgh newspaper that financial reform is like using a nuclear weapon on an "ant." He also says we are being too critical of BP. Boehner represents a rural district in southwest Ohio. There are no oceanic deep water oil wells in his district. Why does he keep saying silly things that remind us that he once was seen passing out tobacco lobbyists' money on the House floor as the reps were considering ending a tobacco subsidy? That's John Boehner, who doesn't like whining.

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Anonymous said...

The BONER also demanded that Paul McCartney apologize for insulting "W". McCartney said it was nice to have a president who "knows what a library is." Sounds kind of whiney on the BONER's part.