Monday, February 29, 2016

Another searing letter from Scarborough critics

The op-ed letter in the Beacon Journal Beacon on Sunday  revealed no signs  that the resistance to UA President Scott Scarborough is weakening .  It bore the names of 15 of the top tier  faculty, each having been recognized for distinction for their academic achievements .  And it was a  dark accounting  of how things have gone so terribly wrong under  Scarborough with the consent of the Board of Trustees that hired him. .

The group had asked the Board for a meeting to discuss the concerns that later led to a no confidence resolution in his imperialistic and incompetent management. But  adhering to its Code of Silence, the board ignored the request. Meantime, the negatives have drawn national  interest.

( You can read the entire letter online on

We can only ask the trustees how much longer they will permit Scarborough  to run the school in a hostile environment that will impact the trustees when they walk off the campus.  Surely they must have some concerns about their own reputations that will suffer from the ongoing decline of the school.

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UPDATE:  Following my earlier column referring to an unnamed source who twice described Scarborough as "toast" he emailed me to contend that he may have misled me. Inasmuch as he contacted another blogger   and signed it with his name for anybody to see - Duane Isham, a lawyer  - I can  no longer  cover for him. I had received the same text earlier in which he said, in part:

"When I said Scarborough was 'toast'  I was paraphrasing what local business leaders were telling me and what it seemed their feeling  was as  to whether it was too late for Scott Scarborough to turn the situation around and remain in the picture. I was not saying that the Board of Trustees or the Chair, John Pavlov (sic) had reached a decision that Scarborough had to go."

OK, he was quoting   some business leaders (who are quite active behind the scenes in this epic)   without saying so .And we all know that in common parlance, "toast" means that a person has no further hope for a  bright future. But in our conversation there was nothing to suggest that Isham was merely the conduit.

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