Friday, February 19, 2016

The demoted establishment of Gov. Kasich

A few days ago, Gov. Kasich delivered another whopper to the swamp of this year's presidential  races. Appearing on MSNBC's "Morning Joe", Ohio's contribution to demonic lore said in all seriousness but with his trademark smile that
"Guess what?  The establishment is afraid of me."

He even cited cyclical  history that the establishment  was afraid of Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingrich, for whatever value he perceived in being part of that mix. The mailman's son boasted that he doesn't take orders from anyone, which makes the well-heeled Big E "nervous".

Did he say establishment? So, to borrow one of his favorite rhetorical lead-ins,  Guess what?

The fearful establishment has fingerprints all over his campaign treasury as the biggest donors.  There's the Schottenstein Management Co., for example, the  company that once signed his paychecks, gave New Day for America,  Kasich's super PAC, $1 million, POLITICO reported.  AVI Foodsystems and Richard L.Bowen & Associates, each having had state contracts,  donated $100,000 each, POLITICO  said. And coal mine operator  Murray Energy gave $250,000.

There's more - a lot more  - L Brands, Crown Equipment Corp., and Worthington Industries came up significantly  from the big guys that   Kasich doesn't call the establishment. Worthington's  John P. McConnell and Peter Karmanos served on the board that once had a seat for Kasich  and each  chipped in at $500,000 to the super PAC.

Saving the best for last, POLITICO reported that Kasich's favorite initiative was the creation of JobsOhio, a private operation that replaced the state's development department.
The first president of JO was Mark Kvamme,  POLITICO noted.  He persuaded then Ohio State University  President E. Gordon Gee too invest $50 million of the school's money in Job/Ohio.   (Is anybody wondering how that money is doing today?)

Well, this is the tip of the Kasich dollar sign.   Not bad from  all of those nervous folks who no longer qualify as the establishment.  Did I say whopper?

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