Saturday, February 27, 2016

Chris Christie's wacko endorsement of Trump

By all accounts, the piecemeal Republican Party and ratings-driven media were stunned by Chris Christie's endorsement of Donald Trump. But I'm here to ask  what does it matter when one loser steps into the ring to support another loser?

Still,  when a phenomenon unfolds to elect the leader of the free world it is quite natural  in swampy. unnatural conditions to inquire  about motives and as the servant of Grumpy readers, I will dare to inquire on Oscar weekend

Christie descended into the muck and mire of Trump's x-rated bid to be exceptional  because...

(1) unlike Ohio's John Kasich,  the New Jersey governor's father was a spirited Ocean City surfer triumphantly riding the surging waves  and not a sidewalk-bound mailman.

(2) unlike Ted Cruz, his father washed dishes instead of  building kitchens  in five-star  hotels to provide  sub-minimum-wage jobs for Democrats.

(3) Trump promised to erect a new hermetically sealed Atlantic City boardwalk protected with a 50- foot wall from rising climate-changed  ocean levels  and require Delaware to pay for it.

(4) the bombastic billionaire would  rename  the historic elephant hotel in Margate City from Lucy to Christie  and provide it with slot machines that can  survive any rising coastal water.

(4) Trump would give  Christie a major share in the  traffic cone industry that  equipped him with instant iPhone control over blocking the road to the George Washington Bridge.

(5 Lindsey Graham so despairingly put it,  Christie is simply as" batshit crazy"'  as    what's left of the Republican Party of Lincoln.

 Way to go Chris!  I must wonder whether you are really trying to assure yourself  of making the cut in the back-page footnotes of  this year's sloppy mud-deep march to the sea.

But Christie, now  the philosopher, may have been cryptically describing himself when he said of Rubio:   "Desperate people do desperate things."

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