Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Republicans of Abbott and Costello routine

HACKDOM, n, --- A maddening  collection of semi-adult hacks driven by two humiliating defeats by an African American;  a disturbed kingdom without a king; a group of banshee-like doomsayers who never find time to go to the bathroom;  a wailing  herd of Mitch McConnells with open mikes on TV.

Take your choice, readers.  The noise of revisionist history is getting to me as constitutional hacks invent the ghost stories in the troubled wake of Antonin Scalia.

You've heard it all by now.  The fanciful repetition of denials that Barack Obama, the fully constituted elected president of the United States, is allowed to nominate a Scalia successor in the last year of office.

Don't get me wrong.  I am not a  constitutional scholar.  I only know what the legal experts -  not the hacks -  are telling me.  Obama can, and will,  with the sacred U.S. Constitution  secured in his breast pocket.

For now, I should only remind you in an election year that our Gov. Kasich and our tag-along  U.S. Sen. Portman are dismissing the experts' full understanding of the issue while insisting that a lame-duck black president should shut up and go to his room.

 Labeling himself  as a  "commonsense conservative fighting for Ohio, "  Portman asks us to  descend more deeply with him into hackdom as  an ill-chosen convenience to appeal to his so-called base.

Base?  It's  getting so these days that the word  gives us a new sense of  confusion   derived    from the old Abbott and Costello  skit when a frantic Lou didn't have a clue to what Bud was talking about regarding the phantom base runners.

Sorry, folks.  But when these hacks are bitching about a mysterious nominee whose image can't  even show up on an Etch-A-Sketch pad,   the Abbott and Costello routine is the clearest signal so far  that commonsense is hardly in play in the kingdom of Hackdom.

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