Friday, October 16, 2015

Trump to come to Cleveland with his own hotel

I have not yet confirmed it, but  a possible impeachable Repubican source tells me that Donald Trump will have his own exclusive  hotel at the party's convention in
Cleveland next year.

"He's considering a couple of doable options" the source said.   Reviving Ralph Perk's old plan, The Donald would dock a cruise liner,  as big as the Queen Mary and aglow with more than a thousand flambeaux,  on Lake Erie. He would have enough space for  all of the creature comforts  that he feels he would need to station his team of minor advisors, publicists and hair stylists." It would then remain in port to accommodate his inaugural ball.

Another option is that he would buy one of  Cleveland's toniest  hotels  like the Ritz-Carlton and install  round the clock TV facilities for uninterrupted commercial-free coverage of the historic moment when he would set out to make America  great.

The latter figures to be his best bet  because a cruise ship might be grounded in the St. . Lawrence River. Besides, nobody ever took Mayor Perk's idea seriously and the presidential convention went someplace else while Perk's wife went bowling.

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