Sunday, October 25, 2015

From New Hampshire to UA: What can we believe?

From the weekend wash:

The spinmeisters for  UA's Team Scarborough's  were forced to their limit in Saturday's ABJ report that the University  had taken a heavy hit in contributions over the current "rebranding" plan that is only making things worse on the campus.

Confronted with figures that show a 42 pct. decline ($1.34 million) from s similar July-August period last year, UA vice president of advancement Lawrence Burns shrugged off the numbers  as a matter of timing and don't   reflect donor unhappiness with how  things are going at the downtown school.

His lack of higher education in arithmetic, however, ignores such major donors as the UA Women's Committee, whose president Louise Harvey has already said it  is suspending further gifts.

But it has been common for President Scarborough and his Knights of the Roundtable  to smugly dismiss bad news.  As  he declared in his State of the University address, when people don't understand something they resist.

So it doesn't seem unfair to apply the same yardstick to Lawrence Burns.

* * * * *

The Columbus Dispatch,  the cornucopia from whom all Kasich blessings flow, has cast its lot with the governor's  bid to be  the top blue-collar guy in the country.  The paper's latest report from New Hampshire told the readers of "frequent applause" at Kasich's town hall in Hanover, and that GOP activist Betty Maiola praised him  as the "best speaker she has heard so far...I agreed with everything he said." She added  he could be a "very good president".

You may remember that the Big D, as the paper is known in Middle Ohio, spent a lot of presidential  coverage in 2012 clapping hands for Mitt Romney  with Sen Rob Portman tagging along at his side.   Let political historians report that Barack Obama won Franklin County , the primary readership area of the Small D.

* * * * *
Kasich did appear on Morning Joe Scarborough's show where he was met  head-on by Steve Rattner, the guy who led the auto-industry bailout under President Obama.  Does Obama deserve any credit for Ohio's economic recovery,  which was greatly nourished by Obama's bailout and stimulus? Kasich was asked.

You'll love this:  "OK, he did well on that," Kasich replied, "but he still didn't fix the economy."  For historical context,  it should be noted that Kasich opposed the bailout and the stimulus.

* * * * *

Finally, shouldn't we all feel some sympathy for Trey Gowdy, the leader of the brutal attacks on Hillary Clinton. The Benghazi committee chairman told Politico that he is trying to make it through some of the "worst weeks of my life. Attacks on your character, attacks on your motives are 1,000 times worse than anything you can do to anybody physically - at least it is for me."

That's it!  Gowdy just earned the coveted Grumpy Abe Linguistic Lunacy (GALL) award in a highly competitive field of lunatics.


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