Friday, September 18, 2015

Yep, LeBron is out of his league

Aside to LeBron James:

The Akron area is grateful for your generosity in  so many important venues around here and respect your iconic involvement in youth programs.  However, upon seeing your presence in front of a blackboard  supporting  the Scarborough regime at the University of Akron, we must respectfully advise you that in this instance, you are out of your league.  The UA defenders say they had no hand in this photo, that it was spontaneous on your part.  Considering the self-inflicted  damage already done to the university's credibility, we will await a second opinion.  I doubt that if the UA Team were on the floor with the Cavs,  you would join it.  Even one of your immense athletic talent can't dribble  a brick.

* * * * *

In the Plain Dealer's long profile of Beth Hansen, Gov. Kasich's presidential campaign manager, backed away from talking about  her husband David's 's scandalous effort to satisfy charter school political donors by hiding the lowest grades. His back-channel behavior led to his resignation from the Ohio Department of Education. According to Henry Gomez, the paper's political reporter,  "there are  subjects  [Beth] Hansen doesn't like to discuss".

She's better work up a stronger reason when the national media come a-calling.   The ugly issue will be around for some time, even though Kasich not unexpectedly is pleading ignorance of the mess. It is, after all,  a presidential campaign season.

* * * * *

I've said many times that I'm hardly a math wizard.  But with all of the excitement over Donald Trump's poll numbers  in the 30s, I have to ask: with , say, 35 pct. approval among Republicans, what about the 65 pt. that don't approve.  Yet, it's also true that two thirds of those supporting Trump believe Obama, who isn't running, is a Muslim.  Go figure.

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