Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Is Scarborough opting for martyrdom?

Does it seem to you that University of Akron President Scott Scarborough is rebranding himself into a martyr?

As he's responded to bad news in the past, he reacted to the campus survey that his approval rating is awful by shrugging that  change is "difficult".   In other words, a guy who is paid upward of $600,000 and royal perks to resolve the school's debt and cast it as  a polytechnic enterprise is faced with a daunting task.

But did the rollout have to be so amateurishly clumsy?  And if there is such a role as "sub-martyr",   we might include the Board of Trustees, a feckless group that offered no sign of being moving parts in the slide.

President Scarborough will learn that martyrdom  doesn't include a fat paycheck and personal prestige, which seems to be what this nightmare is all about.  

P.S.  Scarborough left the University of Toledo with poor grades from the faculty, too.

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