Monday, September 28, 2015

Survey reveals bad news for Team Scarborough

The latest chapter in what the University of Akron's leadership did last summer (and is still doing)  confirms the fallout from the hasty worst-laid plans that are going awry.     It is contained  in the campus survey of faculty and students by  the Akron- American Association of University Professors (AAUP)  that reveals widespread discontent on the downtown campus for the ongoing efforts by the new UA regime's scheme to rebrand the school into a polytechnic institution.

The survey results were released via email Monday by Sociology  Professor John Zipp,  president of the Akron chapter of AAUP.  Around town, the numbers can't be reassuring since UA President Scott Scarborough and the Board of Trustees have plunging confidence of a majority of those who responded to the survey.

Asked whether Scarborough is leading the school in a "positive direction, 72.2 pct. said no.

To the question of whether the Board of Trustees has been upholding its responsibilities, 78.1 pct responded no.

And 73.1 pct. said  UA is worse off today than a year ago.

The negative effects are already taking hold with various UA financial   support groups.

So much chaos has come out of this...and  one can only wonder when Team Scarborough will face up honestly to the serious damage to the school's internal morale and its wider  reputation.  So far, Scarborough seems hell-bent on plowing forward.

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