Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Renacci keynoter : GOP prototype for women

ATTN: LADIES: In Rep. Jim Renacci's effort to extend the Republicans' outreach to women voters, he is sponsoring an event on Oct. 20 at the Strongsville Holiday Inn that will introduce you to a successful woman with a winning  career in the competitive  fast track modern world.

Congresswoman Kristi Noem is coming all the way from South Dakota to be the keynote speaker with lustrous credentials that Renacci believes no ambitious woman can afford to ignore.

I never heard of her, either.  But her bio is quite fetching for the women of northern Ohio.    She's a farm mom who says  one of her joys as a mother is  to help her son engage in rodeos. More exciting is her opposition to abortion, same-sex marriage, gun control and other hot  issues as a social conservative.  And, yep, she's a climate-change denier,too. No surprises there.

Indeed, Renacci, of Wadsworth,  tightly belongs to a party that also  is in denial about social change and Kristi Noem will be on hand to prove it.

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