Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Two more columnists check out UA's debacle

News is  breaking out.  About the University of Akron's new regime.  And so, dear reader, I lead you to two sources, the Akron Legal News and the West Side Leader, for further guidance on the messy state of academic affairs.

 In the ALN there's a column by Scott Piepho, a lawyer and former UA teacher, who writes that President Scott Scarborough  is "enamored of faddish, think tanky ideas about reforming higher education along conservative lines".  No  argument from me on that assessment.

And in the WSL, columnist Craig Marks takes up a satirical pen regarding the shutdown of the school's baseball team under  the provocative headline:  "Who needs grand slams if  you have a grand entrance?"   That, of course, refers to Scarborough's grandiose proposal to build an eye-catching entrance arch (with curb appeal!)  on a new path leading to the ringmaster's offices.

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