Thursday, October 24, 2013

What's that? Conservatives are now bleeding hearts on Obamacare?

Do you find it  bizarrely interesting, as I do, that the conservatives who have long resisted the "train wreck" of Obamacare are now the bleeding hearts who are gravely complaining  about the computer problems that are forcing millions of Americans to delay  enrollment in the program?...

And if you happened to see the sloppy fielding by the Cardinals in the opening game of the World Series, you can be sure somebody will step before a TV camera to blame it on Obamacare, the health reform plague on  all that is good in America the Beautiful.   Take it from Rep. Michele Bachmann, who speaks with Olympian wisdom.  The plan, she insists, is already killing women and children.  We can only ponder how much worse it will be by her standards once the plan is fully activated.

Finally, the more I encounter Ted Cruz on the airwaves, the more he impresses me as the brutish guy who would  saunter into a bakery and willfully sneeze all over the dough.      

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