Friday, October 4, 2013

Some plagues are not caused by diseased rats

DAY FOUR - Government Shutdown

Well, there was ol' John Boehner again saying  we can resolve  this  mess if only the White House folks would sit down with us (as they already have)  and negotiate (i.e. concede) Obamacare.

  "This isn't some damned game," he said, with his usual humility as elected leader of all of us who says he merely wants "fairness" for the American people under Obamacare."

Trouble is, it is in fact a damned game because Boehner finds no fairness under Obamacare at all in his role as the hood ornament of  the Tea Party.   Albert Camus, who wrote the compelling book, The Plague, describes the disease as "doing  the same thing over and over and over again." Sounds like a perfect  fit for the current Speaker.

* * * * *

Another voice heard from Loonyville:  State Rep. John Becker, of Clermont County (down among the sheltering stalks of Union Twp., really)  says he has the solution to the cost of Medicaid.  He proposes hospitals staffed only by volunteers, students and interns to treat indigent people who don't have health insurance.   (Please don't assume that I'm clever enough to make this up). The Republican Goon Squad is way ahead of me with their remedies for poor people short of scourging.   As Luke Brockmeier so precisely points out in Plunderbund, each city should have one hospital that can't take  insurance, Medicaid or Medicare; can't charge patients; can only employ volunteers,  and is immune to malpractice claims.(Aha!)

Finally, Becker assures us that  if  the uninsured  ailing  misfits show up at the ER of a regular hospital as we know it,  they should be hustled by ambulance to his version of the hospital of tomorrow.

Brockmeier did the math of the crazy arrangement and the "soup clinics" would cost the government  more than  old-fashioned emergency rooms.

As a footnote, Becker has also appealed to  Republican congressman Brad Wenstrup of Cincinnati to start  impeachment proceedings against Federal  Judge Timothy S. Black  for ordering Ohio to recognize "homosexual marriage".

* * * * *

That was some spectacle to see the Republican congressman rise to applaud the work of the Capitol Hill police for their work in  the attempted gate  crashing incident  - the same police who were working without pay because of you know what.


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