Sunday, October 6, 2013

A hopeful sign from Howard Tolley!

In a world of daily horror stories  along with a bizarre group that has taken over the U.S.House and crippled a nation, it was good to hear from a friend who got a glimpse of the upside of human behavior the other night.  So here is Howard Tolley's report from his experience:

More than 500 people attended on October 2 the "Finding the Path of Peace" program sponsored by the Akron Area Interfaith Council and The Akron Peace Project.  The featured speaker was renowned cardiologist Dr. Terry Gordon, who moderated a discussion by panelists representing the Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh faiths.
Hosted by First Congregational Church of Akron, the event graphically demonstrated how people of good will from diverse backgrounds and beliefs can live together, dialog together, respect and accept one another and work together in peace and harmony to make the area, state, nation and the world a much better place.
Too bad the Tea Party extremists of the Republican Party weren't in attendance.  They might have been moved to some serious introspection about their devisive actions that are damaging the country and our representative form of government that is based  on mutual respect and compromise. Then again, they probably would have labeled it a Communist plot!

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