Sunday, October 6, 2013

What doesn't the Party of No know about No!!!!

 DAY FIVE Government shutdown

Don't you think it's  weird that the Party of No is continuing to throw a fit because President Obama says NO to their silly demands aimed at destroying  him and his health-care reforms?  If Boehner and the others who are walking around on their knuckles these days are suicidal, it doesn't mean that the other side know where this is going.

* * * * *

Considering the torturous route on gay marriage and abortion  that the aginners are taking, no one stands out more than Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett, who likened  gay marriage to incest, or putting it more bluntly in his words, a "marriage between brother and sister". The Republican chief later apologized, saying his words "were not intended to offend anyone".  Oh?  Our response: We heard you the first time, Guv.

* * * * *

Have you seen the anti-abortion TV commercial, a glimpse of it shown here? It is a monstrous Uncle Sam  leering at a woman's vagina (a sight he doesn't share)  with a satanic grin.  The ad is said to be the work of an outfit called Generation Opportunity.  My guess is that it can be traced not only to Capitol Hill but also to the sexually deprived Ohio lawmakers with a window-peeper mentality who sate their longings  as Gynecologists, Anonymous.

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