Friday, October 11, 2013

Cheney's heartless robotic heart

DAY 4005 Government Shutdown 

They held a roast  
the other night for Dick Cheney, which was not hard to do with a monstrous guy like him.   And as the superstar of the show, he didn't  disappoint many of the guests who picked up on his past with tasteless (even for him)  responses.  (It is fair to note that when you have a million-dollar robotic heart and no pulse, it should not surprise that he is a toxic Tin Woodsman these days).

Try this line as reported by Buzzfeed about waterboarding and squaws. It centered on waterboarding being "a one-shot antelope hunting contest in Wyoming, in which the loser had to dance with an Indian squaw."  Classy, huh?

If anyone is deranged  enough to stage  a another roast, the prize to the loser  should be a  whirl around the dance floor with Cheney.

The sponsor this time was Rupert Murdock.  You might have guessed.

* * * * *

Speaking of derangement, nutty Ken Cuckoo - oops - Cuccinelli says gays have destroyed their souls.  By now, most Virginians, where the Republican attorney general is running for governor, should have no doubts about his homophobia. On many occasions he has worked to keep gays in the steerage class.  He has even advised colleges and  universities that it's OK to discriminate against LGBT students.

The latest polls show him running behind Democrat Terry McCauliff.  We can only hope there are enough civilized voters in Virginia to send this cuckoo-bird to his room. It would be an important step toward restoring sanity in the land.

* * * * *

Wolf Blitzer, the hoary CNN host with a funereal presence,  brought down the house with his advice to Democrats that they should delay Obamacare for a year because of the computer glitches in the early stages.  His critics - including me - suggested that he's picked up GOP talking points, which are already being hustled, say,  by the $236 million the Koch brothers have dropped into the campaign against the Affordable Care Act.

CNN, as the ratings all show, is in distant last place behind Fox News and MSNBC.  Have  Blitzer et al become so desperate that the network is being influenced by the TV ad   that urges "Find your beach"?    Keep looking, Wolf. Obviously, it's not in the Situation Room.

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