Sunday, October 23, 2011

SB 5: Vote no on what?

IMAGINE MY shock and awe when I turned to the Plain Dealer's Forum section this morning and was greeted by a big headline on the cover that urged: Vote no on Issue 2 to repeal SB 5

Had the paper suddenly reversed its earlier support of the issue? Do pigs really fly? Can a cow really jump over the moon?

But the mystery was cleared up when I thumbed to the jump on Page 4 and discovered that the piece was not the work of an editorial writer but rather the top officer of the Northshore AFL-CIO.

I can only assume that the fierce reaction to the PD's endorsement of the new law restricting public unions was so intense that the paper's true believers decided to offer a prominent response by the other side.

Maybe the kitchen is getting too hot for the papers supporting the work of their Golden Boy governor, John Kasich, and the GOP-controlled legislature. (Exclude the
Beacon Journal from this gang. The BJ today called for the repeal of the law!)

So as we approach the election on Nov. 8, the repeal referendum is astonishingly coming down to a great-grandma, widely featured in political ads as supporting the repeal, and those incredibly stupid handlers on the other side who pirated her comments for their own purposes and have lived to regret it. If that's all the anti-repealers have to fool the voters, you can guess which side is more desperate to tighten the noose around school teachers, police and firefighters. Hell, it didn't even fool most people just once.


KrauthammerFan84 said...

Well according to all the polls that I have seen, Issue 2 is going to go down in flames. With unions' ability to raise money and turn out voters, I don't think that it really ever had a chance. Just this past Sunday I went to the Browns game and everyhere I turned, some union loudmouth was in my face yelling to vote no on Issue 2. It was a little intimidating.

Unions are going to end up with a huge victory over Governor Kasich and in my opinion, it will be to the detriment of Ohio.

Grumpy Abe said...

Well, a sad story, to say the least. Kasich will just have to find a way to persuade his impoverished friends and the Koch Brothers to pass a bigger hat to match those high-iving tycoons in the labor movement. ( Are you ever aware of how sophomoric your comments are?. Did the Browns win?)

JLM said...

Actually, SB 5's defeat will be a victory for Kasich in the spin department. He will use it's failure to pass as an excuse for all his future failures. He'll simply do what he's doing now...he'll lie.