Monday, October 3, 2011

Brunner's endorsement of Kasich policies

THERE ARE DAYS when it's impossible to follow the bouncing ball. Take Jennifer Brunner's behavior these days in the political universe, for example. In case you've forgotten, Brunner had become the poster candidate for the progressive women's movement - some of it inspired by her assurances that she didn't mind that distinction at all. Still, it wasn't enough for the former Ohio Secretary of State to defeat Lee Fisher in last year's Senate primary and she headed to her law office in Columbus, apparently to sulk awhile.

Today, the media have been wondering about how she could now be so charitable to
Gov. Kasich's policies. Hey, she says, stop complaining about the guy because he's out there fighting for Ohioans. Or as the Plunderbund blog quoted her remarks at the Columbus Athletic Club after she nodded approvingly during a Kasich speech:

"Not everyone agrees with those [Kasich's] changes, but he's making an effort. You can tell that he cares...[He is] dedicated to reforming Ohio.'"

But wait! Is that the same Jennifer Brunner who Kasich has just appointed to the Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission - not a role that will give her many photo-ops. The 12 -member Commission describes itself as a means to look after the "development and performance" of cutural and sports facilities with no power over the expenditure of public funds.

As the Columbus Dispatch twitted the Kasich-Brunner moment:
"Not long ago, Jennifer Brunner said something nice about John Kasich. And today, the Republican governor appointed the former Democratic secretary of state to the Ohio Cultural Commission."

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