Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Do the math: Thousands don't go into a handful


Two geezers at a restaurant counter in Fairlawn shouting at a young waitress that the reason people don't have jobs today is that they don't want to work. She valiantly disagreed with them, to no avail.

I wonder if these guys would include the thousands of unemployed who stand in line for a handful of jobs offered by a company.

Probably. And that's too bad.

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David Hess said...

One of the abiding myths of the GOP's right-wingers, along with the "small businessman's" lobby (NFIB), is that thousands of folks drawing unemployment compensation checks won't apply for the jobs they claim are available because they want to continue drawing their paltry jobless pay benefits instead. In other words, the unemployed are an army of shiftless idlers bent on suckling from the government breast, while driving up the UC taxes that the NFIB's members have to contribute to the jobless insurance fund. This myth may comfort the employers but it does little to help the millions of people who are now out of work and seeking jobs that simply don't exist. One thing the myth promotes, however, is the mindless opposition in Congress to anyone who suggests a remedy for fixing the Great Recession's troubles.