Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Obama needs a lesson in 'Durocherism'

YOU CAN COUNT me as being among those who weren't happy about the cozy "deal" that President Obama handed the Republicans on the debt ceiling. He still doesn't accept Leo Durocher's warning that "nice guys don't win pennants." So the GOP stalwarts who remain servile to the outrageous agenda of the Tea Party anarchists - even if it means shutting down the government altogether - can be expected to crow for awhile. But the pundits who are already declaring Obama DOA in 2012 ought to be a little more prudent about their credibility.

With 15 months remaining before Election Day (an eternity, really) I will boldly offer my own prediction of what could happen:

Obama could win. Obama could lose. Nothing is set in stone today.

Until then, we will have to put up with the peacocks in our midst.


Anonymous said...

A presidency is a terrible thing to waste....Terrorists 1 Obama 0.

PaulRyanFan84 said...

What is the deal with all the references to tea party members as terrorists??? From the New York Times to MSNBC to Vice President Joe Biden himself.......I am seeing these attacks all over the place.

Whatever happened to the calls for civility and toning down the heated rhetoric?

PJJinOregon said...

Not to be picky, but I think that the memorable quip from The Lip was: "nice guys finish last."

The Tea Party was willing to risk default and downgrade to make a point. Obama wasn't. His opening move was weak and he never recovered. Never underrate the power of zealotry - even when Boehner carries the banner.

Grumpy Abe said...

Ryan Fan, there have been innumerable name- calling attacks on President Obama, should you care to look them up "all over the place". Two of the most recent examples: Pat Buchanan, America's leading celebrity bigot, telling Al Sharpton that Obama was "your boy", and Rep.Doug Lamborn, a Colorado Republican, likening Obama to a "tar baby".

Mencken said...

How about the bumper sticker I saw with a pic of Obama saying, "Never send a boy to do a man's job".

Yep, that's civil.

Anonymous said...

A terrorist by any other name, even tea bagger, is still a terrorist.

PaulRyanFan84 said...


Certainly you can see the irony and hypocricy of the same folks that lead the push for civil discourse awhile back (MSNBC, NY Times) now engaging is some of the most vicious rhetoric ever seen in the mainsteam press.

And you know darn well your head would have exploded had Dick Cheney ever described Democrats as terrorists. Just be honest.

Grumpy Abe said...

Hey, Planet Paul Ryan: Maybe you prefer this one from
Fox Nation, the conservative foghorn, that referred to Obama's 50th birthday party as a "Hip-Hop
BBQ" and pictured only the black guests. Sort of racist, don't you think? But that would be name-calling.

mencken said...

We're not talking about Cheney. Cheney was too savvy and parsed his words too carefully to say anything like what we're talking about. But Cheney, judged by his own statements and actions did far worse. He is a liar, and arguably a war criminal. His influence and actions are responsible for the largest part of our deficit. Hundreds of thousands of people died needlessly because of Cheney's political ideology. That's incivility
at it's worst. Name calling is the stuff of schoolyards.
Big deal.