Sunday, August 14, 2011

Finally, the circus leaves town!

THE TRAVELING CIRCUS has moved on from Iowa with the loss of only one of its performers (Pawlenty), leaving behind a big task for the pooper-scoopers. The headlines and talk shows today hail Michele Bachmann as the "Straw Queen", her euphoric moment of conquest of a wobbly cast of low-wire male candidates.

Where-to from here now that the Tea Partiers and social conservatives have had their say (and their way) with what was once called the Republican Party? Who can say ? The elephants are tiring quickly from overwork and the clowns are anything but funny. The only news that came out of the fury was the report that Bachmann left the debate stage during each commercial break to redo her makeup. Oh, and Maureen Dowd insists she saw Mitt Romney's hair move.

As the dismal circus continues well into next year, shouldn't we be asking more pertinent questions for the remaining candidates who seem wedded to each other in rhetoric and vision to the extent that, as it has been said many times, there's not a dime's worth of difference:

*Do you believe that corporations are people?

*Do you believe that Social Security and Medicare are unconstitutional?

*How much time do you spend each day praying that President Obama resigns?

*Have you ever considered secession for your state?

*Do you believe that water and air can purify themselves without environmental regulations?

*Have you ever voted for, or supported, the raising of the debt ceiling?

*Has your spouse ever described gays as "barbarians"?

*As a a gay marriage opponent, do you know the difference between a napkin and a paper towel? A wet blanket and an empty suit?

*Would it offend you to be called, in Clarence Darrow's term for William Jennings Bryan, "the idol of all morondom."?

*Can you tell the audience what the capital of Des Moines is?

*Are you now, or have you ever been, clinically insane?

Each candidate much answer all of the above questions directly without crib notes.

On with the show!


David Hess said...

Another question, this time for voters: Are we voters prepared to elect another strutting Texas spear-carrier for Exxon-Mobil, who believes environmental regulations to protect our lungs from effusions of poison from smokestacks, who views financial regulations to shield us from money-changing buccaneers bent on fattening their own bankrolls at the expense of ordinary investors, and who neglects the needs of the poor, disabled and uneducated, to the Presidency? If so, we would be in for another round of Shrub Bush Redux. Indeed, it would be even worse. Bush once described himself as a "compassionate conservative." Perry, in contrast, is proud to carry himself as an UNcompassionate conservative. As for the winner of the Iowa Straw Poll, my only question is: Have we gone stark, raving mad?

JLM said...

On this date, August 16, 2011, Ms. Bachmann began a speech at a stop in South Carolina by wishing Elvis Presley a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Just one problem. Elvis' birthday is January 8th.

August 16th is the date of his death.

At least she's consistent.