Friday, August 19, 2011

Kasich: From bluster to, eh, humble servant

WHEN JOHN KASICH stormed into the governor's office last January, he wanted to leave no doubt that Ohio was at the dawn of a Brave New World. He had long studied the state and decided it was not good. A swashbuckler to the core, he warned anybody that dared stand in his way that " If you think you're going to stop us, you're crazy. You will not stop us. We will beat you. ...If you are not on the bus, we'll run over you with the bus. And I'm not kidding."

He also described a cop who arrested him on a traffic charge as an "idiot" Bellowing it a couple of more times for Kasich-style emphasis. Oh, and he demanded an apology from teachers unions - calling for a full-page ad - for what they said about him during the campaign.

It was pure performance art by a blustering new kid on the block who was acting as though he had won the job by acclimation rather than a slim plurality. Having spent the previous 7 or 8 years as a managing director of Lehman Brothers - which tanked - Kasich, a Republican, could not dissociate a steely Wall Street can-do no-questions-asked culture from his new role at the top of the state's political heap.

So it is laughable - a giant political miscalculation , really - that what was good for the Wall Streeters and Fox News, where he had his own show that could not be held accountable for facts, that he is now down on his knees calling for a compromise with a lot of folks who challenged his bus. Yes, a compromise with this guy?

Kasich and his cohorts in the legislature, brazenly stuck a dagger into the heart of public unions without expecting a roaring reaction. With all signs pointing to the November repeal of Senate Bill 5 , the law that severely sheared public employe unions, Kasich is now a humble servant, calling for a compromise before the voters get a crack at 1t. Her said he was only being reasonable for the sake of the state's sanity. He also noted that he was influenced by editorials in the Columbus Dispatch and Cleveland Plain Dealer calling for compromise.
Both papers endorsed his candidacy and were quick to give his appeal heavy coverage. Surprise, surprise.

The governor's second miscalculation was to bring up the subject now. The law's opponents, We Are Ohio , have stood fast with 1.2 million signatures on their petitions to repeal the law. There would be no point in giving him a face- saving escape hatch. As Joe Green, the Hall of Famer of the Pittsburgh Steelers, once explained the route to victory:

"When you got your opponent down, you gotta keep him down."

And Mean Joe wasn't kidding either. But with him, it's not boasting if you can do it.


Mark said...

This tranparent stunt by the governor will be worth a few pro-SB5 votes in November. I hope it will not be enough to make a difference.

JLM said...

Oh, this is rich. Mr."Run You Over With The Bus" now wants to make nice. What a cowardly, hypocritical S.O.B. Of course, the spin will be that Kasich extended an olive branch of compromise and understanding and those selfish, ungrateful union bastards refused to comply.

Right, PaulRyanFan?

I shouldn't be enjoying this as much as I am.

Anonymous said...

Another Mark says:

I think Kasich isn't humbled. He is still trying to bluster, bull and BS his way through this. Now he's making "transparent ploys" which will work on those people who want and need a face saving way out of this embarrassment.

I also think Kasich and his cronies didn't care if there was a "roaring reaction". I think Kasich and Co. view us, the Ohio Voter, as their underlings and not their boss. Like any bad authoritarian the underling is expected to get 'over it' or get run over by the bus.

David Hess said...

Sounds like the bus has turned around and is now bearing down on Johnboy.