Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dispatch SB5 editorial: Playing show but don't tell

The games that some newspaper editorial writers play:

From a questioning report first published by Columbus blogger Plunderbund and circulated in northeastern Ohio by Cleveland Scene, comes word that a Columbus Dispatch editorial on
Sunday shamefully scooped the paper's own excellent staff of political reporters. Here's the summary:

The editorial asserted that two unidentified persons "affiliated" with supporters of the anti-union SB5, including Gov. Kasich., had offered a compromise to unions six weeks ago but, alas,"labor backed away." Heavy back-channel stuff that placed the blame on mulish unions. That was news to even the paper's reporters. And here's the rub:

It turns out that the self-appointed arbiters of the dispute were not anybody from Kasich's office . One was identified as Mike Curtin, former COO of the Dispatch Printing Co., now retired, who continues to speak for the paper. This shabby initiative by an ex-corporate officer without portfolio, not only embarrasses the Dispatch but also undeservedly burdens the reporting staff with the notion that it doesn't know what the hell is going on in somebody's back channel.

By the way, the same editorial board endorsed Kasich over Ted Strickland. .

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Mark said...

Doesn't this feel like the start of the pro SB5 campaign? It smells like an attempt to (further) discredit unions and make them appear (less) sympathetic as we gear up for the referendum.

Who cares if it is true? It only matters what it looks like.