Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Meet Rick Perry, the "miswriting" author

WHEN SEN. JON KYL wrongly accused Planned Parenthood of spending more than 90 pct. of its money on abortion services, he was roundly booed. After all, the Arizona Republican IS a senator and should be expected to know what he is talking about. To make matters worse Kyl's press aide insisted that his boss's words "were not meant to be a factual statement ". As for Kyl, he conceded that he "misspoke" and wanted to move on.

That comes to mind as Texas Gov. Rick Perry is taking another route to distance himself from his pre-candidate book, Fed Up!: Our Fight to Save America from Washington. It wasn't that long ago that he was out there autographing it for his fans.

His communication aide, desperately reaching for damage control on Perry's treatise, said the book was "not meant to reflect the governor's current views."

Life is short, so I haven't read the book, nor do I intend to. But from others' accounts, I am told that Perry slammed many of the New Deal programs - including child labor laws and Social Security - as being "unconstitutional."

Well, is he now prepared to disavow that? Or has he added a new twist to political missteps by wanting us to believe that as an author, he "miswrote" his vision of what ails America?

Tsk. Tsk. I would say that as a candidate he should soon learn that many folks will soon tire of his illogical rants. But that would assume that he is capable of any logic at all.

After all, he IS a governor.


JLM said...

If, as I fear we have, somehow entered Superman's "Bizzaro World" and Rick Perry is the Republican candidate in the 2012 presidential election, what a long, strange trip it will be.

As the Russian comic, Yakov Smirnoff used to say...

"What a country!"

Grumpy Abe said...

Never fear, my man

PJJinOregon said...

What is it with Texas governors? Dubya never backed down from anything he ever said, bad grammar and all. Perry won't stand up for anything he ever said, bad ideas and all. This clown has a great chance to capture the slot for the GOP presidential nominee. It will be another trip through the looking glass for all of us. Lewis Carroll said it all first and best.