Wednesday, August 24, 2011

But oil companies don't want to drill-baby-drill!

FROM A READER comes a report via Politico that Michelle Bachmann is promising to lower the cost of gasoline to below $2. Of course, that's her facile way of blaming President Obama for today's gas prices as she she trots around her carefully managed ecosystem as a fully clothed Lady Godiva in pursuit of the presidency.

It was her right of passage into South Carolina's conservative audiences, which were made aware of her unyielding support of domestic oil drilling. But as my source noted:
"Why does Bachmann think the oil companies are interested in investing billions just so they can LOWER the price of gas a buck & a half a gallon? The companies already own thousands of leases on land they're not drilling. For a free market capitalist she has no idea on how things work. Moron.''

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