Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Palin: My new neighbor will be a Peeping Tom

President Palin is outraged that author Joe McGinniss has moved into a house next door to hers in Wasilla. POLITICO reports that she is angry because she believes he will be able to see directly into her teenaged daughter's window. That assumes a couple of things: The best-selling author, who is spending the summer in Alaska to research a book on Palin, really wants to look into her daughter's window. And (2) McGinniss would not be offended if Palin looked into his window. McGinness accuses her of acting like a Nazi. She denies it. Look for this neighborhood spat to show up in the book.


ReaganFan84 said...

I know that liberals have a strange obsession with Sarah Palin and get immsense pleasure out of tormenting the poor woman, but what that author is doing is just plain wrong. And yes, it is a little creepy too.

Grumpy Abe said...

POOR woman?

joe Hill said...

Poor women, I think not, the half term governor is some $12 million richer because of people like Bonzofan84. The grifter from Wasilla has done very well playing the lunatic fringe for fools. It really is an easy task given their pathology. Cognitive dissonance
has reached epidemic proportions among the wingnuts. What's creepy and very disturbing is that this type of behavior is seen as normal.

Mencken said...

How do you torment Sarah Palin?

Turn off the camera.