Monday, June 28, 2010

A new study from Down Under : Grumpiness is good!

IT WAS WITH a fleeting smirk that I read an article sent to me by a former newspaper colleague which, I assume, was in good faith. In a scant four-word headline, the article declared:
"Grumpy People Work Best"

Before the twitters and snickers begin, I should tell you that the report has a smidgeon of authority behind it, inasmuch as it tells of a new study by Australian psychology professor, Joe Forgas, described as a "behavioral expert" at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. If it didn't require a long-distance overseas call, I would let him know personally that I fully agree with his assessment of grumps.
There's more. According to the writer, Lisa Johnson Mandell, the study reveals that "grumpy people think more clearly, are better at decision-making and are less gullible."
On the other hand, the report did not offer much cheer for cheerful people. Mandell says Forgas' breakthrough for long-maligned grumps could also "explain why the most cheerful and optimistic among us sometimes appear air-headed, unrealistic and naive. Their penchant for 'putting on a happy face' might be hindering their ability to do more clear, concise and objective work, according to Forgas research." (I won't mention her name, but there was a lot of that in the last presidential campaign! Unfortunately, there still is.)

So, yes, I am happy to learn that we grumps of the world have positive behavioral ability . Unsurprisingly, it was my only grin of the day. Herrumph!!!!!...

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